Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Are You All Waiting?

For the new gorjuss tubes out tonight?, 8pm GMT, I am and some nice person sent me a gift voucher, so once I get them I'm playing!

New Tut *Like A Snowflake, Animated*

Snag Set - Gorjuss Christmas Tree

Snag Set - Like A Snowflake - Animated

Tutorial to follow shortly.
Not shown as animated here because photobucket isnt been friendly to me this morning!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Sunday, 26 October 2008

New Tut *Gorjuss Christmas Tree*

Snag set tomorrow this English bird is tired, lol

Saturday, 25 October 2008


This is our baby, she is 4 weeks old now and such a cutie!

Christmas Tree Template

Here is a little something I threw together today for a tut of mine if anyone wants it your welcome, please leave some love when downloading. Hugs Pints
Template HERE

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Blog Background *Panda*

I made this blogger background for my friends blog,you can view it HERE for some reason photobuckek hasnt worked and its not a very good preview so please go look at my friends blog.
I made it from Lliella designs Panda Zen kit which you can buy HERE
If you want me to make a header then just send me and email, I cant change the design just put a name on for you.
You can download the background HERE
If you download please leave me a message its appreciated!

New Tut, Backyard Crawlies

New Tutorial Site

It is done!! My new Tut site - away from MSN and not on a forum - go take a peek and come back tell me what you think.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A Few Changes

Ive been playing today so I made a new blog set from the lovely Lliella scrapkit.

Anyway as you who are members of MSN groups will be aware that they are closing the groups early next year, well its made me move, I've been wanting to get away from MSN groups for ages - So my kind friend Miranda, has been working her socks off setting up a Website to host all my tuts, I never realised I had done so many but there must be 150, anyway she has done a fab job and im so pleased, just a few tweaks and the new site address will be revealed!

For those who have been following the puppies they are doing fine and I will try get some photo's uploaded soon, they are so cute and they are coming out of their pen now and starting to play.

Hugs Michelle.x.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Snowflake Template & Frame Set

Watch out for the tut I will be making with these frames!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I Couldnt resist


This is BB my little baby that is staying with me

Rainbow Gate.........

Little princess went to rainbow gate last night, I took her back to the vets and there was no hope for her - the kind vet suggested that she be put to sleep, This may sound like i am a bit soft but its amazing how attached you can become to these wee little doggies in just a short space of time.

The other 4 puppies, 2 girls and 2 boys are doing great, they have big fat bellies and black noses now, I can see that there little eyes are opening and can only imagine the fun that is instore for us over the coming weeks, we have put up a saftey gate and the doggy pen will be coming out soon, lol.


Sunday, 5 October 2008

Puppy Update!!

Well we now have 4 really big fat pups and 1 extra small one - ive taken the small to the vets this morning, he is worried that she is not gaining wait, so she is having antibiotic medicine twice a day and fed with welpi every 2 hours, we are going to leave her until wednesday and see if she gains weight, she only weights 4oz where as the others are 14 oz, if she doesnt gain weight then we will have to do the horrible deed, but as the vet said we have done everything we can for her. Eight pups was far too many for her to deal with but she is doing great now and is a fab mummy.

On a brighter note the boys have chosen which puppy to keep, she is going to be called BB (Bella's Babe) and here she is

Here is mummy with pups

Here is little and large!

New Tut & Snag Set, Bamboo Fun

Snag Set HERE

Thursday, 2 October 2008


Last night I went in the bath, when i got out I went to check on the pups and another had died, this wasnt the weakest one that is left but one of the strong big ones, my only conclusion is that Bella had overlaid him, so now were down to 5 puppies, 3 girls & 2 boys, its such a shame but I think thats nature.

Today I have moved them from my bedroom into the kitchen where i can keep a better eye on them, plus my bedroom was getting smelly, lol