Saturday, 16 August 2008

Bon Voyage!!

Here is my 11 year old son Harry - he has gone off to the South Of France on an adventure holiday with the scouts for 8 nights, he is only a baby I hope he doesnt loose his money and passport and manages to wear the right clothes and doesnt come back with a loving for eating snails.


Im Bored - cant find a kit to play with so I made a template if anyone wants to play with it.

New Tut Kitty Kat

I loved this kit by Aussie Scrappers, this is animated.


Thursday, 14 August 2008


Ive received 3 awards, I dont really know enough blogs to award to so I will come back later and do that bit, but the awards are from:-

Jo Designz, Aussie Scrappers (I love your blog) & La Cueva De La Osa Honey(brilliant blog)

Thank you so much girls for thinking of me, I only started this blog last thursday.
Hugs Pints.x.

New Animated Tag

Morning, Its wet here - hopefully it will dry up a bit so I can go on my bike!

Made a new tag, will tut it later - its animated but wont show up here, one of the cats jumps up and down and the mouse runs along the bottom, you will have to go to my group/general/what have you made to get a proper preview.

Group HERE

Monday, 11 August 2008

Oh What A Day!!!

Isnt she cute? yep she wet on my matting today!

Have you ever done nothing - but feel tired? I've been sat in that office today for 8 hours with nothing to do, no customers, not a soul! Good job I took my laptop and my boss was out for day, managed 2 tuts and 28 snags, lol. Never mind Guess I get £80 for playing, ha ha - I wont be laughing next week when im redundant, but who cares life is so short and money isnt everything, as long as I can get my pretty stuff.

I hope it doesnt rain tomorrow because as soon as I get up I want to go on a bike ride - even if the pile of ironing is looking something like a chinese laundry - whats one of them anyway!

Ive been on a diet for nearly 2 weeks now and ive only lost 2lbs, id say ive been pretty good, i think its the contraceptive pill, think i might go to doctors see if i can get sorted cause babies and me dont go together anymore, lol

Nite Nite

Friday, 8 August 2008

Good Morning

Its nice and peaceful here, the boys are out playing, Bella babe is laid next to me snoring - I guess its all that mating she had last week - hopefully we will have Bella babies early October, Kaly is in his bed as usual.

Ive managed to make a tag this morning - Hope you like I might tut it this weekend - maybe at work tomorrow - its really quite and we are lacking on customers - nobody is spending right now.

Ive cleaned upstairs but my next job is the lounge - under the sofa's etc - you wouldnt believe what I might find there - maybe I should get rentokil in!

Off I go, he ho!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

For Marcia

Why is it that Ikea meatballs and Steve's homemade chips with gravy smell so much better than my Sainsburys Be Good To Yourself three been chilli? Well I had to go out of the kitchen while they all ate and I was good and had my 326 calorie meal and 2 glasses of water, I might have a WW yogurt later.

Anyway with a little help from my friend Marcia, I will have a new tag hopefully soon its from one of my fav designers LLiela and its called afternoon giggles - watch this space, we have had such good fun today making these blogs.

Watching some programme about undercover restaurants, its some chinese - they sniff the food to see if its gone off!!!!!!YUK
Thankyou Marcia for my tag

Good Afternoon

I don't think its raining outside - well the boys are playing out so I guess not - but then they quite enjoy going out in the rain and creating more washing for me!

I had a few too many Barcadi and cokes last night and feeling a little rough, so im laid on my bed with my laptop, playing about with this blog - I know everyone has them so I thought Id join the band wagon.

Ive got the latest nitwit kit downloaded so hopefully sometime before I fall asleep I will have a play see if I can come up with anything decent, lol