Monday, 11 August 2008

Oh What A Day!!!

Isnt she cute? yep she wet on my matting today!

Have you ever done nothing - but feel tired? I've been sat in that office today for 8 hours with nothing to do, no customers, not a soul! Good job I took my laptop and my boss was out for day, managed 2 tuts and 28 snags, lol. Never mind Guess I get £80 for playing, ha ha - I wont be laughing next week when im redundant, but who cares life is so short and money isnt everything, as long as I can get my pretty stuff.

I hope it doesnt rain tomorrow because as soon as I get up I want to go on a bike ride - even if the pile of ironing is looking something like a chinese laundry - whats one of them anyway!

Ive been on a diet for nearly 2 weeks now and ive only lost 2lbs, id say ive been pretty good, i think its the contraceptive pill, think i might go to doctors see if i can get sorted cause babies and me dont go together anymore, lol

Nite Nite

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