Friday, 26 September 2008

Still No Baby Bella's

Well they are due anytime now, she is 57 days and apparently they have them between 57-63 days, in the past i never bothered to count the days, they popped out when they did, but I know this time when conception happened because I used my sisters Westie.

I took her up to school for a walk to pick Alfie up and it is normally a couple minute walk, today I had to carry her across the road and half way up the hill! She cant settle, were in bed and she has been moving all over the bed which isnt like her, normally i have to get her up out of her spot above my pillow, ive brought the Puppy pen upstairs so if she does go into labour in the night then im all prepared.

Anyway I guess they will appear when they appear, as long as they are healthy it doesnt really matter.

When they are born I will post some pictures and maybe you bloggers who visit here could make some tags.


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