Sunday, 1 February 2009

So Im Fat - Competition!!!

Well according to the Wii fit i was obese, but now it says im just fat (overweight).

Ive spent the last week playing hula hooping, ok there i was doing my 3420 spins in a world of my own, spinning my hips, trying to get rid of the celliulite from my arse when i see two men wathching me through the window - smiling of course! Id been caught by the window cleaners they said i looked like i was auditioning for Mama Mia - didnt know whether that was a compliment or not!!

I stopped smoking on boxing day and i am determined not to put any weight on, so far ive lost 4.5lbs, tomorrow night i go to fatty club so i will let you know if ive lost more!, really im proud of myself cause by the summer i will have an arse like Kylie's.

So if any of you can prove to me (via picture) that you can do more than 3420 spins in 10 minutes on the wii fit hula hoop i will send you a gorjuss or kay miller gift certificate.

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