Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A Few Changes

Ive been playing today so I made a new blog set from the lovely Lliella scrapkit.

Anyway as you who are members of MSN groups will be aware that they are closing the groups early next year, well its made me move, I've been wanting to get away from MSN groups for ages - So my kind friend Miranda, has been working her socks off setting up a Website to host all my tuts, I never realised I had done so many but there must be 150, anyway she has done a fab job and im so pleased, just a few tweaks and the new site address will be revealed!

For those who have been following the puppies they are doing fine and I will try get some photo's uploaded soon, they are so cute and they are coming out of their pen now and starting to play.

Hugs Michelle.x.

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