Sunday, 5 October 2008

Puppy Update!!

Well we now have 4 really big fat pups and 1 extra small one - ive taken the small to the vets this morning, he is worried that she is not gaining wait, so she is having antibiotic medicine twice a day and fed with welpi every 2 hours, we are going to leave her until wednesday and see if she gains weight, she only weights 4oz where as the others are 14 oz, if she doesnt gain weight then we will have to do the horrible deed, but as the vet said we have done everything we can for her. Eight pups was far too many for her to deal with but she is doing great now and is a fab mummy.

On a brighter note the boys have chosen which puppy to keep, she is going to be called BB (Bella's Babe) and here she is

Here is mummy with pups

Here is little and large!

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